New Online Service for Voluntary NI Contributions

Enhance Your State Pension with the New Online Service for Voluntary NI Contributions

Are you concerned about gaps in your National Insurance (NI) record affecting your state pension? Merranti Accounting is pleased to inform you that managing your NI contributions just got easier with the introduction of a new online service. This service allows you to make voluntary contributions seamlessly to ensure your future benefits are secured.

What You Need to Know About Voluntary NI Contributions:

Voluntary Class 3 NI contributions are a valuable tool for those who have gaps in their NI history and wish to increase their entitlement to certain benefits, such as the state pension. Whether due to career breaks, self-employment, or overseas employment, these gaps can significantly impact the benefits you receive upon retirement.

Accessing the New Online Service: The new digital service is designed to streamline the process of making voluntary contributions. Here’s how you can access and utilize this service:

  1. Check Your NI Record: First, verify if there are any gaps in your contributions. You can do this through your personal tax account on the HMRC website. Which provides a detailed record of your NI contributions over the years.
  2. Receive a Statement: If there are incomplete records for any tax year, HMRC will send you a statement about 20 months after the end of that year. This statement will detail the voluntary contributions needed to complete your record for that year.
  3. Make Informed Decisions: The online service includes a tool that helps you determine if paying Class 3 contributions will benefit your state pension entitlement. This is particularly useful if you are nearing retirement age and unlikely to make sufficient future contributions through earnings.
  4. Easy Payment Process: Once you decide to proceed, the service allows you to make payments directly online without needing to contact HMRC for a reference number. You will receive immediate confirmation of your payment.

Extended Deadline: Recognizing the importance of providing flexibility, HMRC has extended the deadline for making voluntary contributions. You can now make payments at the rates for 2022/23 until 5 April 2025. For any years ranging from 2006/07 to 2017/18.

Why Consider Making Voluntary Contributions?

Paying voluntary NI contributions can be a strategic decision to maximize your state pension and other benefits. It ensures that you do not miss out on entitlements due to gaps in your employment history. This can be particularly impactful if you are close to retirement and need to secure additional qualifying years.


At Merranti Accounting, we understand the complexity of managing your tax and pension contributions. Our team is here to assist you in navigating these new changes and ensuring that your retirement planning is as robust as it can be. Contact us today to discuss how this new service can benefit your specific situation.