Tight CGT reporting deadline for residences

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Contrary to popular belief, the profit you make when you sell your home, or a former home, is not automatically exempt from CGT.

This tax exemption applies to gains that relate to periods in which you lived in the property as your main home. However, it can be extended to certain periods when you were not living in that property.

For example, the last nine months of ownership are exempt from tax where you have previously occupied the property

as your home. This is extended to 36 months where the owner or their spouse is disabled or has moved into residential care.

Where you sell or transfer any UK residential property, any capital gain producing a CGT liability needs to be reported, and the CGT paid to HMRC, within 60 days of completion of the disposal.

The gain must be reported through your online UK Property Account and also on your Self-Assessment Tax Return (SATR) for the year, unless you would otherwise not need to file a SATR. We can help you with this reporting.


Make sure you have all the information to report the gain and pay any CGT on your property sale within 60 days. We can help you be prepared.