Jason Fudge

As the Managing Director of Merranti Accounting, I lead a team of qualified Accountants who provide end-to-end accounting and consulting services to companies across various sectors, . I have over 13 years of experience in this role, and I am also a Fellow of the Institute of Consulting, a credential that reflects my commitment to professional excellence and ethical standards.

My core competencies include: thinking outside the box to provide solutions to complex business problems, negotiating and brokering deals and partnerships, and integrating and managing finance, operations, and marketing functions. I am also an innovative thinker, a creative problem solver, and a strong leader who values collaboration and communication. My mission is to help clients make informed decisions and improvements that will transform and enhance their business performance and outcomes.

In addition to my role at Merranti Accounting, I am also an advisor at a number of companies in the property, construction, organic stimulants and software to the Air maintenance industries. I bring my expertise in accounting , business advisory, contracts, transactions, mergers and acquisitions, and business consulting analysis to these ventures.

Jason Fudge - Managing Director - Merranti Accounting