Jason Fudge

Jason Fudge is the Managing Director of the Merranti Group, as well as Merranti Consulting. His roles are to oversee the work of the consultants and to steer Merranti towards successful growth and towards a sustainable future. When working with clients, he uses the same approach to provide them with a tailor-made solution and to enhance their business.

As a creative and innovative thinker, Jason always looks to think outside of the box to provide successful business solutions to Merranti’s clients and to help with the complex issues they may face.

Business Strategy
Revisit your Businesses Strategy to adapt to changes in your market, to reverse poor performance and to head into a new direction

Operational Issues
Helping Businesses by improving the efficiency of their value chain

Marketing Implementation
Helping Businesses optimise their marketing and sales strategy to drive profitable growth

By having previously helped guide a number of businesses through the recession and towards a successful future, Jason has shown the strength of character and in-depth knowledge to assist his clients in taking their business forward. Jason takes time to get to know clients so that he can approach their business problems from within rather than as an outsider. It is this approach along with his ability to recognise and tackle a business’s strengths and weaknesses that make him an indispensable member of our team.

Jason’s ability to see the wood through the trees is a refreshing quality to bring to any business. A simple no-nonsense approach to business strategy and management

As well as being the Managing Director for Merranti Consulting, Jason is also the Director of; Merranti Accounting, Merranti Recruitment, Devco Property and Rok Architects.

Jason Fudge - Managing Director - Merranti Accounting