Dale Jenkins

As a member of the Client Management team, Dale is tasked with keeping the clients informed and being the first port of call for any requests. Dealing with their VAT, CIS and general Quickbooks bookkeeping, he provides an all-around service with a speciality in construction trades. His positive attitude and his ability somehow achieve miracles with HMRC make him a client favourite.

Merranti Accounting’s Bookkeeping services are tailor-made to meet the needs of your business. Along with making sure your books are up to date, we can also help with any bookkeeping queries you may have.

Cloud Accounting
At Merranti, we have experience in using a range of cloud accountancy packages such as QuickBooks. Using these tools means your companies accounts are secure and can be accessed from anywhere.

Financial & Management Accounts
Merranti will work with you to develop management information on a regular basis, assisting you in running your business.

Tax Returns
Tax returns must be completed and filed with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). They have strict filing deadlines, complex rules and regulations and harsh penalties for incorrect returns and non-compliance.