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Start your business by working with Merranti. We can help develop your business plan. Whether you are looking to start your business from scratch or if you have already taken the initial steps and just need some advice, contact Merranti to help you, make informed decisions. Call us now to discuss your needs 01342 834624

Merranti Consulting - Start your own business

Start Your Own Business

Starting your own business can be quite a daunting thought, as you decide on the options of registration, name and the actual set up. However, with Merranti’s assistance, it doesn’t need to be a difficult journey. We can help develop your business start-up idea.

Merranti can assist with:

  • Business Registration
  • Business Plan
  • Marketing Brief
  • Cash Flow Forecasts
  • Sales Plans
  • Strategy Plans
  • Business Efficiency
  • Start-up Finance
  • Mentorship
  • Market Research
  • Accounting Services
  • Recruitment Advisory
  • Registered Office
  • Domain Registration
  • Email Set-up
  • CRM software
  • Employee Benefits
  • Banking Relationships

Why Merranti?

  • Deliver on our commitments
  • Part of a larger group of companies
  • Help start-ups with cost-effective ideas
  • Continuity and commitment in our services
  • Provide operational and marketing support
  • Passionate about developing start-ups.
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Request your Business Starter Guide

You can acquire our free Business Starter Guide by entering your details in the form on the right, and it will be sent straight to your email. Within this pack, will include a few hints and tips, things to be wary of, some helpful contact numbers and websites from government advice organisations and information how to grow your network and your business.

The Business Starter-Pack is essential to your business start-up, as it provides information on planning, start-up and registration, Finance and Hiring.

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Request your Business Starter Guide

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Our services can start from as little as £100

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