R&D tax breaks

R&D tax breaks

Companies that invent new production methods or products can claim enhanced tax relief for the Research and Development (R&D) costs. Small and medium-sized companies can claim 230% of qualifying R&D costs and a 14.5% payable tax credit if this extra deduction results in a loss!

This is a very attractive relief and it’s easy to claim. You can ask HMRC for an advance assurance that your company, and its R&D projects, will meet the requirements. We can help you do this.

The main benefit of advance assurance is that HMRC won’t raise further questions about your initial R&D claim or for R&D claims submitted in respect of the next two accounting periods.

You need to apply for the R&D tax relief within two years from the end of the accounting period in which the R&D costs were incurred. So, if your company has been innovative in the recent past, don’t delay your application for R&D tax relief!



Check the R&D expenses for which your company can claim an enhanced deduction.