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Like many areas of accounting, there are different rules per sector, Property and Construction is no different.

From differing VAT rules as well as CIS to contend with it can sometimes get difficult to find your way through, many accountants need to seek assistance with this however we have direct experience in many parts of the sector.

We can assist with:

  • Residential and Commercial Development
  • Property Investment
  • Property businesses, Service offices or apartments
  • Buy to Let residential
  • Construction
  • Property funding documentation

If you’re looking to simplify or have a query on how HMRC treats your business, then we can help.

Did you know

When buying a commercial property elected for VAT  you need to add VAT to the Stamp Duty,  and you cannot claim that part back.

You cannot claim all the VAT back on a new build property?

A refurbishment of a commercial to residential use will occur a 5% VAT, however you cannot claim everything back.