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Limited Companies

When you run a company having access to your figures and advice is a minimal requirement from your accountant, expecting them to help you with those decisions of expansion. Advising you on the accounting software to use, which will bring the day to day business benefits. Getting you the data you need and more importantly when you need it.

You will expect them to be forward thinking, prepared for the changes in future tax changes. No doubt you will want to deal with one person  – not many, so they best understand your business.

Lastly, you will want them to understand being in business, and the issues you face, and even better if they can help you steer the business to avoid those issues.

Welcome to Merranti Accounting, this is what we have done since the beginning.

Our service includes:

Company Statutory Accounts
Company Secretarial
Registered office
Company Formation
Management Accounts
Business Accounting Reviews
VAT returns
Tax advice