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We have been in business first and then we are accountants, we understand how your business works, the issues you face and how to help you make the most of what you have as well as where you want to go.

Business Growth Your Business

We are Pro-Active not Re-Active, as Management Accountants we look forward and help you plan your business. From forecasting to budgeting we can help you to see the bumps in the road before you get there. We help with expansion and growth as well as acquisition and mergers.

Property Accounting Specialist

We know the difference between our per square foot and square metre, we have over 15 years experience in working for clients on Property Development and Investment. We assist in appraisals, cash flows and bank financing, we deal with VAT elements on developments & acquisitions. If your in Property of any description then we can help your business.

About Me

Jason Fudge - Business Consultant

Jason Fudge
Managing Director

Jason Fudge heads up our team at Merranti Group and takes on the role of Managing Director. His primary aim is to provide clients with a tailor-made service that will transform and enhance their business.

Having guided a number of clients businesses through the recession Jason has the strength of character and in-depth knowledge to move the Merranti Group companies forward in helping their clients make informed decisions.

Jason’s ability to see the wood through the trees is a refreshing quality to bring to any business. A simple no-nonsense approach to business strategy and management


Our core principle is to achieve your target within your budget and making use of what you have already before you consider spending more.

Thinking outside the box to provide a solution to an issue.

By implementing one, or multiple of our consulting programs, Merranti Consulting has proven success by guiding businesses to success. We deliver Business Solutions to our customers by providing operational and strategical support.

Jason Fudge is based in East Grinstead but can also travel to other parts of the UK when required.

You can contact me directly to find out more about our Business Improvement Programmes.

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