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If your in Build or Property, speak to an
accountant who understands your business

Accounting requires expert knowledge and experience
from Developments, Construction to Investment Merranti can assist .

Cloud Accountants in London

CIS, Reverse Charge VAT or Property Rentals?

Merranti's Team has over 20 Years experience
in helping Property and Construction Accounting clients.

Consulting Specialists in London

If your building, renting or developing we can help

We look forward to helping you plan your Business budgeting and forecasting , we can help you move forward

Why use a specialist Accountant?

Over the years, Build and Property Accounting has become more specialised, with Reverse Charge VAT & more stringent checks, accounting has become a mine field of what can be claimed, with many builders and developers missing out.

From the beginning we specialised in Construction and Property Accounting. We understand how to simplify accounting whilst still giving information on your business and projects.

We offer:
- Fixed Fees so there are no surprises
- Monthly Direct Debit to spread the payments
- An expert in your accounting software
- A dedicated 3-person experienced accounting team who knows you and your business.

We are here to help your business reduce accounting fees, maximise tax savings and keep you informed.


Maximise Tax savings

Your industry has become more complicated for tax over the last 4 years and requires an experienced bookkeeper and accountant who understands this to make sure you are not missing out and any potential tax savings, and getting your submissions in on time to prevent costly fines.

Dedicated Industry Accounting team

Having a dedicated accounting team who knows your business from every aspect including bookkeeping, payroll and accounting means that we can help with expert advice. You have a team of three that are always available and will get to know you and your business. Whether Constructionor in property, we aim to be become part of your team.

Accounting & Bookkeeping services

We provide the full scope of services including bookkeeping, accounting, business advisory as well as accounting software supply and support. Our dedicated team can take care of all accounting needs.

Fixed Accounting Fees

Knowing your costs is always important, we offer Fixed Accounting Fees, your fees are fixed for the year. You can then budget knowing that you’re not going to get an invoice every time you talk to us . This way you have no surprises, in addition you can pay over 12 months interest free using our monthly Direct Debit System.

Jason and his team are lovely – I have only been working with them a short time and they have already helped me loads and my business is even better for it. I cannot recommended them highly enough.


Anthea, Jo, Lisa and the rest of the team at Merranti have been looking after my companies accounts for many years and have taken a lot of hassle out of running my accounts myself.

I can get on with running my business while they take care of my accounts.

I have never looked forward to doing my accounts, but since Merranti have been completing them it has almost turned in to a pleasurable experience ! Fast, professional, but with that human friendly touch which is now sadly missing in so many aspects of our lives now … Many thanks to you all … Certainly worth 6 stars !

Excellent customer service. Sophie is our single point of contact and has been very helpful to us as we built our business. She has provided helpful and straightforward advice.
Merranti complete our end of year accounts, process payroll and provide ongoing support. Would have no hesitation in recommending them to others.👍

Have had superb service from this accountancy firm. Jason and Stephen give expert, experienced advice.

Louise in the Brighton office is a fantastic asset to the Merranti family.

Don’t hesitate to give these guys a go if you need some assistance.

These guys are super transparent and professional!

I’ve had a few accountants over the 20 years I’ve been trading and this company is by far the best I’ve used!

The first firm of accountants I’ve found that genuinely go the extra mile.

Their support during what have been an extremely challenging couple of years has been nothing short of exceptional.

Friendly, approachable, flexible and jargon-free, I can’t recommend Merranti highly enough.

Why use specialist Accountants?

Accountants and Bookkeepers require specialist knowledge and experience for your industry.

- 25 Years Experience in Property including Residential, commercial, construction and investment.
- Cashflows for contracts and development projects
- Projects costing reports
- Specialist build & property VAT expertise
- Industry Software knowledge

Over 25 years experience in your Industry

We can help your business save tax, be profitable & grow!

Our clients range from single trades to large development companies of over 100 employees, we have helped our clients maximise their tax savings, stay profitable within their business and individual projects. We streamline their bookkeeping and accounting and reduce fees. Our offices are located over the South East however our clients are based all over the UK.

Our costs are hard to beat and you have the option of annual review see how you best keep your tax payments to a minimum.

If you need jsut the end of year accounting and tax planning we can help, however if your looking for a full service from the bookkeeping to business advice we can deal with this as well. We have services that you switch on or off and utilise as your business needs saving you accounting fees over the year.

The benefit in having a Dedicated Accountant team is when you have that issue that surprises you, there is an experienced team who knows your business ready to act and advise. And when you don't they are there without the need for retainer fees.


We have offices over the South East, although we have clients over the UK

  • 01342 836557
  • Offices in East Grinstead, Caterham, Redhill, Brighton & London

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    Accounting FAQ's

    Property and Construction Accounting is all about industry knowledge, Stephen Watts, Founding Partner of Merranti Accounting has been in the property industry for 20 years both for clients and in accounting practice. His experience is extensive, working previously as Financial Director for Developers, Construction and Private Family Investment companies, he has managed projects and portfolios of up to £100million each.

    Having experienced the boom and almost bust of the Sector he founded Merranti Accounting so that he could supply industry-specific accounting knowledge. He has now built a team of like-minded and experienced property and construction accountants, and consultants.

    If your building one house or managing a portfolio of 50 properties, if you developing a large mixed-use scheme or want to re-finance your existing investment, Stephen and his team can help.

    STAMP and LAND tax Calculator

    Can you provide Audit Services?

    We provide accounting services to many who require Audit services, we carry out the day to day accounting services and preparation who we then provide to our partners who are a top 25 UK Auditor. This gives a cost-saving and allows for true independence in the Audit cycle.

    Do you offer Financial Director Services?

    A number of clients only require us to provide advisory and board services, they just need the insight of an accounting property professional. Stephen Watts is our resident Property FD and sits on the board of a number of companies.

    Do you deal with Bookkeeping?

    Simply yes we do, from the outset of your project, we can provide all the bookkeeping services including monthly reporting. If you need reports for your investors or bank funding then we can accommodate that as well. We also provide project reports so that you can keep within your budgets.

    Why choose Merranti Accounting?

    We have a team that specialises in Property and Construction, they have dealt with mixed-use development schemes, large Construction companies and property investment portfolios. In short, when you’re talking to us we not only know our Property Accounting we have the experience of having worked in a property company.


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