Navigating the Cost of Living Crisis

May 16, 2024

Navigating the Cost of Living Crisis: Financial Strategies and Support from Merranti Accounting The ongoing cost of living crisis poses significant challenges for individuals and businesses alike. With rising prices for essential goods and services straining budgets and financial plans. At Merranti Accounting, we understand the impact these economic pressures can have and are committed

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Working at home

Working at home

February 5, 2023

Where you are required to work at home, your employer can pay you a tax-free allowance of £6 per week (or £26 per month). This allowance is to cover the additional costs incurred by using your home as a workplace. Such as heat, light, metered water, insurance and broadband fees. If your employer doesn’t pay

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Accountant Employee benefits

Helping your employees

June 26, 2022

The cost of living crisis is hitting everyone, including small businesses. You are required to raise the wage rates of employees on the National Minimum Wage by 6.6% for pay periods starting from 1 April 2022, but some employees may still be struggling to make ends meet. Here are a few things your business could do

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capital losses

Tax-free rent

January 4, 2022

Tax-free rent When you let rooms in your own home as residential accommodation, you can receive the rent tax-free if it falls within the limits for rent-a-room relief. This relief is currently capped at rents of £7,500 per year. Where more than one person receives the rent from the property, each person has a tax-free

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