Cloud Accounting Software

Cloud Accounting Software is becoming more of a requirement in business; however, the market seems to be getting bigger each week with new products and improvements are being listed. Costs are increasing now the main players have the foothold in the market, so what is the answer and are they worth it?

With the change to home working the answer of whether Cloud Accounting Software is needed is simple. The days of the only being able to access your software at work is now holding companies back and creates potential security risks of not backing up data.

Merranti Accounting use the same accounting software as you, so there is only one source of information and results in accurate data allowing us both to rely on it. Too many accountants take information from your system, and then the figures aren’t matched, and over time the differences result in the information becoming unreliable.

Each Cloud Accounting Software has its own benefits and it would be difficult to recommend one over another. As an example, Quickbooks is often classed as simpler where as Xero has been used by larger companies; however that’s not always the case.

Market Leading Systems

  • QuickBooks
  • Xero
  • Sage One
  • Brightpay payroll
  • Autoentry
  • Receiptbank

There are specific accounting systems for different industries, construction and media are good examples that have accounting software systems built into there main CRM systems which can give great benefits for the company in reducing costs and places where their information is held, again we will work on these systems with to save duplication and ensure instant financial accuracy

The critical element is that whatever system you choose you need your accountant to understand it so that your financials are always reliable.

Why not book a meeting with us (Free) and we can help you decide which is the best system for you to use.

Accountants in London Quickbooks Platinum partner
Accountants in London Quickbooks Platinum partner