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At Merranti Accounting, we offer a variety of services to help your business with its accountancy needs. We can provide you with solutions to help your business by using a combination of our accounting and business knowledge.

Our accounting experience resides in a team that understands your needs for professional and accurate advice that is tailored to your business.

All accountants offer business advice, however, by being part of the Merranti Group we can also offer true Business Consulting and Recruitment services, as well as be able to deal with your daily accounting and tax needs. If it’s just to discuss an idea or technical tax questions we are there to assist you.

Annual Accounts - Merranti Accounting

Annual Accounts

We will prepare your accounts and talk you through the results, ...

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Bookkeeping - Merranti Accounting


Everyone’s bookkeeping needs are different. At Merranti we are committed to ...

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Company Secreterial - Merranti Accounting

Company Secretarial

Many administration roles must be adhered to but unfortunately, these do ...

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Buy, Sell or Merge - Merranti Accounting

Buy, Sell or Merge

When considering a new investment it is important to asses if ...

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Financial and Management Accounts - Merranti Accounting

Financial & Management Accounts

Merranti will work with you to develop management information on a ...

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Investment Appraisals - Merranti Accounting

Investment Appraisals

An Investment Appraisal is usually the final stage of putting together ...

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Payroll - Merranti Accounting


At Merranti we understand the importance of payroll. We can make ...

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Tax Fee Protection - Merranti Accountin

Tax Fee Protection

HMRC Tax and VAT Investigations can be daunting, disruptive and expensive. ...

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Tax Returns - Merranti Accounting

Tax Returns

Tax returns must be completed and filed with HM Revenue & ...

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VAT Services - Merranti Accounting

VAT Services

VAT is a complicated area and we have the expertise to ...

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Property - Merranti Accounting


We know the difference between our per square foot and square ...

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Self Assessments - merranti Accounting

Self Assessments

We will take on this burden for you, helping to ensure ...

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Start-up - Merranti Accounting


Starting your own business can be quite a daunting thought, as ...

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Cloud Accounting Software

Cloud Accounting Software is becoming more of a requirement in business; ...

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