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Who we are

Merranti Group

We are part of the Merranti Group, a business services group that specailise in providing information to their clients so that they can make informed decisions.

Merranti Consulting: Business Consultants that can assist businesses in growth, finance, acquisitions, mergers or sales. Additionally dealing with Companies that have suffered one off events that have an adverse effect and they need short term assistance to get back on the business path. Lastly they provide business and marketing strategies.

Devco Property: Specialising in providing property solutions to clients including Development Management, Development and Investment Finance, Acquisition and Sales & Marketing services.

The aim of the Group is to be able to provide clients with the additional services when they require it, preventing them from having unneccesary fixed costs.

We provide the information to Your Business so you can make Informed Decisions.



What size of business do you deal with?

This is the most common question we are asked. Our clients range from people starting a business to a turnover of over £10 Million ( More in the case of property) and up to 75 staff. We provide a personal service so our team get to know your business so that can you provide you tailored advice as opposed to generic. Having been in the corprorate world we not standard tax accountants and understand the issues a business goes through.


  • From One Person Businesses
  • Any Sector of Trade
  • Up to 75 Staff or £10 Million Turnover (Unless Property Related)
  • We are Property Accounting Specialists



Merranti has the experience and knowledge to help your business and provide it with the information is needs to make Informed Decisions.

Fixed Costs

You will know what the cost is before we start and we will fix these so there are no nasty surprises later.


As well as Accountants we are also Business Consultants enabling us to provide a complete service to our clients and helping gain the most

our team