Proactive and Client Service are the keys to a successful partnership.

Founded in 2014 by Stephen Watts and Jason Fudge, Merranti combines Accounting Services and Business Advisory, from simple self-assessment to complex mergers or acquisitions.
Since its inception with its original base in East Grinstead, West Sussex we have now expanded with offices located in Brighton, Redhill, Caterham and London.

During this time we have acquired three accountancy practices, Figures Accountancy Services, Business Heads Ltd and CTA Accountants and Consultants Ltd.

Our principles are:

- Proactive: We understand that companies need to have the accounting information now; 9 months after the end of the year is too late and prevents you from making informed decisions. We look to meeting with you before the end of the year-end to review and make decisions in advance.

- Client Service: This is essential; how often do you feel you work for your accountant? Our principle is to provide you with a Client Manager who is there is answer your queries and understand your business and the people in it. That way, they can be proactive and assist you when you need it.

We also embrace technology within business, being a paperless office we can assist clients with processes and accounting systems that keep them safe and secure whilst making life easier. This all amounts to accounting data available to your fingertips improving your ability to make quicker and more informed decisions.

If you want to discuss the accounting software available and their options then again we can help, Quickbooks, Xero, Sage, Free Agent, Quickfile or a bespoke system

So no matter what level of business you are, contact us for an initial conversation and speak to us about what you need for the coming year.

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